Technogym Cardio Wave 700i

MSRP:  $4,400.00
Refurbished Price:  $1,995.00
1 and 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranties available


The Technogym Cardio Wave 700i is the only cardiovascular fitness equipment that engages the user on three different planes of movement simultaneously; extension, abduction and external rotation.The Technogym Cardio Wave 700i delivers the results that fitness seekers are looking for, a high calorie workout that strengthens the gluteus and lower limbs while focusing on the core stabilizer muscles, a full body coordination in three dimensions that is a safe, non-impacting routine.


Heart Rate:  Contact Heart Rate | Polar® Compatible

Pedals:  Independent

Pedal System:  Self-aligning ERGOSTRIDE pedal system

Programs:  15

Core Stabilization

Biomechanically Correct

Planes of Movement:  (3) Extension, Abduction, External Rotation

Water Bottle Holder

Max User Weight:  350 lbs

Resistance Levels:  25

Drive System:  Eddy Current

Stepping Speed Range:  33-100 Steps per Minute

Dimensions:  63" x 30" x 59"

Unit Weight:  290 lbs

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